Piano Lesson Programs

Girl taking piano lessons. Student learning the piano with teacher.

Fundamentals Piano Program


Ages 6-18

Students will develop a strong foundation of musical knowledge and skills that can be applied to any style or genre of piano playing.

Students will be able to read music with note and rhythmic precision, develop strong technical skills, play the piano with artistry, understand theory, grow a repertoire of piano pieces and compose their own music.

Adult taking piano lessons. Student learning the piano.

Adult Piano Program


Ages 18 and Up

Do you wish you hadn't quit piano when you were younger or do you desire to pick up a new hobby that is both enjoyable and good for your mental and emotional health?

We offer adult classes that focus on getting you to play the songs you love as quickly as possible!

 "My daughter has been coming to him for a year and a half with no musical experience at all, just the passion. It has been amazing to see her grow from simple piano pieces to more complex ones. She looks forward to the lessons each week and he offers an environment that challenges her. I can't wait to see how much she grows over the next semester!"

Jennifer M - 232 Parent

Student-Centered Learning

We Focus on the Student Which Means...

  • Students are given plenty of time and space to be creative and become empowered learners
  • Students are equipped to practice the piano WELL at home  
  • Students are not afraid of sight reading and feel confident with rhythms and note reading
  • Students have plenty of piano performance opportunities to share their gifts in positive, non-competitive environments
  • Students have opportunities for composing, improvising, ear training and so much more!

Our Piano Lessons

 Students of all ages are experiencing success inside our engaging learning environment at 232 Music Studios. Our goal is for every student to grow a passion for music that will last a lifetime. 

"232 is fantastic! My daughter has grown so much and it is amazing to see and hear!"

- Jennifer 232 Parent