About 232 Music Studios

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Beyond the Bench

  232 Music Studios exists to lovingly and consistently call one another to a higher standard. We care about our students becoming great musicians, but we also care about developing and growing people. Studying music and learning the piano has many benefits that go well beyond the bench. That's why we created the Beyond the Bench Program that focuses on connecting music skills with life skills. While students have varying levels of talents and abilities, everyone can learn and grow in: 


Student performing on piano at recital.


  We think it's incredibly valuable for our musicians to learn how to perform and share their gifts with others. It's always an incredibly rewarding, motivating and enriching experience for musicians to perform either in our classroom recitals or in the studio recitals that happen several times throughout the year. 

Teacher is teaching piano lessons to student. Pointing at the music to help the musician understand.

232 Staff

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff not only loves music, but they also love giving that gift of music to others! They understand the significance music has played in their own lives which is why they see the importance of passing it on. Every instructor has been chosen with care and exemplifies the values and character that we hope to see in all of the musicians at 232.

"The studio and staff are just amazing. My kids love it!" - Sarah L

 "Drew is an amazing teacher who will give your kids SO much more than just the technical knowledge they need. If you are even remotely considering piano lessons do yourself a favor and stop shopping around and sign up." 

Matthew - 232 Parent